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Sunday, September 15, 2013

this for that

Day 7 Challengers! If you haven't already...leave a comment in yesterday's post for a chance to win some Advocare Slam! It is like a premixed Spark for on the go or right before a work-out. One lucky winner gets to check it out!!

Part of doing this challenge is being willing to try new things. If we are to make new habits, things will need to change. A few helpful things today to help you slowly make some changes in your nutrition plan. Eating well doesn't mean you have to leave all good tasting stuff behind...it just means we need to make our tasty favorites with good things! If you haven't yet, try some of these below to transition some not-so-nutritious items in your kitchen for a bit more nutritious meal prepping. Little things can make a big difference! And know that some of these things are not on our 10 Day Cleanse list of good foods...but keep this in mind as you think into the future and start planning your meals.

Try this...                                                      Instead of...                                

whole wheat bread                                         white bread
whole wheat pasta/noodles                             white pasta/noodles  
sweet potato                                                   white potato 
Green beans, peas, carrots                              Corn 
100% honey                                                    white or brown sugar
fruit smoothie                                                  ice-cream shake
olive or coconut oil                                          vegetable oil or butter
almonds                                                           peanuts
dried fruit                                                         sugared candy
fresh fruit & veggies                                         canned fruits & veggies
spinach & mixed greens                                   iceberg lettuce
brown rice or quinoa                                        white rice
whole wheat flour or oat flour                          bleached white flour
almond or coconut milk                                    milk
raw oats                                                        pre-packaged oatmeal packs
natural peanut butter                                         plain peanut butter 
lemon/lime in water                                           soda pop
try grilling, baking, broiling,roasting                 frying
turkey, tuna, salmon                                          bologna or salami
90% lean beef                                                  low-grade beef
air popped popcorn                                         microwave popcorn
Plain Greek yogurt                                           sour cream
applesauce (for baking)                                   vegetable oil
frozen yogurt or Yonana                                  ice-cream
fresh meats                                                    pre-packaged frozen meats
whole grain cereal                                            sugared cereal

And the list could go on! Just a few tips to help you see your kitchen stocked differently. Start little changes now and work your way to healthier over-all eating for you and your family!

Tomorrow is DAY 8. Start drinking your FIBER DRINK again tomorrow morning and no HERBAL CLEANSE caplets tomorrow night. Note the change!


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