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Monday, September 9, 2013

quench your thirst

You are here. Day 1 of your cleanse phase, the challenge you committed to and probably already this morning are wondering why...why ever would you do such a thing? Because the planning for it has already tired your brain and the liquids you are taking down have already made you gag and the sacrifices you've had to make have already made you miss what you did before... Before you decided to make a change. Before you decided you were worth a little time...and planning...and effort to make things better. To feel better. To see better. To do this better.

And like living water to our souls, His grace is trailing us as we begin something new. But do you see it yet? That grace that lays on you each day and is all around you as you breathe? Do you see it when you step on that scale and wrap that measuring tape around your tired body? Can you feel it when you live out your day and try to make a change?

I find it almost funny that the one thing our bodies are lacking, is the one thing that could cleanse us...water. Water for our bodies, living water for our souls.

Step one today. Drink up. Fill your body with enough water to start your cleaning phase. But drink slow and steady. For this begins a new way to live. To give our bodies the one thing at our finger tips, a privilege of living in the Land of the Free...and the good and clean. Drink up. Half your body weight's worth...keep drinking today and the next 23 days.

And as you drink, look up... and tell me...what do you SEE? He wants you to see Him... and he is closer then you think. As you drink today, won't you quench your thirst through His eyes too? Take that journal out and write it down... number it. Start with 1 and if that's all you find today, then look more tomorrow... but for today, write down one thing...something you've never noticed before that speaks of His gift to you. And drink it in. Quench your thirst. Say thank you.

(And an extra tip today...if you can't down plain ole' water, try adding some flavor through fresh or frozen strawberries or lime slices or lemon slices or cucumber slices and some fresh basil leaves for a tasty addition to your water consumption)

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