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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

know your portions

Day 2 is here and I know some of you went to bed last night feeling hungry. Hunger, a feeling of discomfort or weakness...coupled with a desire for something more. That discomfort place, it is hard to sit in it. Because discomfort feels like something is missing and we are usually quick to fill it. We fill ourselves with the fast and the sugared down and the too much of this and that. We don't like feeling hungry. So we indulge. And usually we indulge on too much of the empty stuff and not enough on the stuff that could really fill us.

And when we are hungry we tend to lose sight of the right portions. It goes in quick, but we don't slow down to feel full...until we are too full. Mostly too full of the life without Him and not full enough of the life with Him. And then we are stuffed, yet still feel...empty. And once again there is just not room for the bread of life that really sustains a person. Have you wondered if you went to bed last night feeling hungry because for too long you have fed yourselves empty calories? And you have not portioned your food out to comfort you through out the whole day? It is not meant to be eaten all at once in one big sitting... Or even skipped all together. But feed yourself slower... through out the entire day... And know your portions.

A life is fuller when you take time to feed yourself the right portions. You don't need a huge chunk of time carved out for indulging. You need many small moments naturally happening for you as you live. Those moments are to fill yourself, until the next moment when you feed yourself again. And there is always another moment just ahead of you. Make room in your day to feed yourself, often. You should not feel hungry if you are stopping to eat and portioning out what really feeds you well.

When you get to the end of today, I hope you don't feel hungry for more... Where have you placed your portions? In the Good and Plenty or in the weak and empty? Have you taken that journal out yet? There is something about taking your pen to paper and numbering it. Feed yourself with His gifts today. Write them down...

an early morning sunrise
the sound of my name from his little mouth
a table full of hungry kids
a full glass of water

And I've only just begun... but I am feeling...fuller.

Arrange your day to give yourself the portions you need to feel FULL when you lay your head down on your pillow tonight. Keep looking...keep seeing...keep taking it in... and count them...those gifts. And eat a rich serving of the Good stuff! Know your portions at the end of the day, will help you know that full comfort feeling as you end another day. The amount you put on your plate makes a difference. Don't fill your plate with the things that won't sustain you. Know your portions and fill it with the Things that will make you feel full.

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