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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let's go!

It is the eve of Day 1 for you challengers and I know this is the start of something great for each of you! I hope you feel prepared, are ready to make some changes, and know you are being cheered for! As I look at the next 24 days and think about the challenge, I am excited and nervous both. Excited for what could be, nervous for what I will have to do to make this be well worth my efforts. But like anything hard in life, the rewards are usually ten times bigger! I looked up the word challenge tonight...and this was my favorite definition under the word "challenge"...

A test of one's abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating undertaking

The next 24 days will be a test to just how much you want to make changes in your life. And it may feel demanding for you as you try to figure out how to change some main habits in your life as you go about your day to day regular routine. But have you ever wondered if the reason you are where you are today is because of the habits you have let become your norm? Habits only take 21 days to build I hear. Only 21? If that is true, then 24 days is sure to leave a dent. And isn't 24 days of hard habit breaking and new habit making worth years of something better?  How bad do you want to change your eating habits? How you see yourself? How you simply see? The peace in your heart and soul? The ability to finish something strong? Because up and changing will be demanding, it will be an undertaking, and it will require you to love yourself enough to change for the better. And you are worth it! So take these next 24 days and give yourself some grace to work on you. Tomorrow starts a new journey for you...be open to change, embrace it...it really could be crazy good in the end.

For Tomorrow, here are a few tips...

Day 1

Before breakfast:
Spark (with 3 Catalyst if you are adding this)
Fiber drink (be sure to drink IMMEDIATELY after making, it gets thicker if you let it sit)
*Drink 1-2 glasses of water after drinking fiber drink

Breakfast- can be a meal replacement if you want 


The guide says you can do your spark and more catalyst before lunch, for people doing two sparks, it is your choice but most people would rather wait and have it in the early afternoon in the after lunch slump before their snack (try 30 minutes before your snack and can add 3 Catalyst if you are adding that with your spark)


With dinner, take Omega-plex (4-6)


Herbal cleanse tabs (in a white packet found in herbal cleanse box- make sure it is marked herbal cleanse tabs and you can also add 3 Catalyst if you are adding that)

You should be eating every 3-3.5 hours! And not feel hungry!

Questions, thoughts, comments...leave it in the box below! Here we go team! Time to embrace change...starting now!

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  1. Another tip for fiber drink... I do it in 2-3 ounces of water so it takes less time to drink!! (could mix a little of your spark in it if you need a different taste) Go get 'em, Challengers!!!