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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Love Spark? Win Slam!

Day 6 Challengers! Almost through our first full week. Tell me today... 

When is your favorite time of day to drink your Spark?

Ready...set...go... leave a comment in the box!

(Leave a comment and be in the drawing for a FREE box of Advocare Slam. Not a current challenger? Share this blog site and comment that you would like to try a Spark drink to get yourself entered in the drawing too!)

Mine...first thing in the morning. Hello Mommy "Happy Juice"!!!


  1. I like some first thing in the morning. If I get into an afternoon slump I like it then too.

  2. Favorite time of day for Spark...Morning. Usually once I get into the classroom before the kiddos arrive :) And then sometimes I take a "half scoop" after school to give me just enough to finish the day.

  3. in the morning..........if my kids get up really early....i love having it before i really start my day. ahhhh i look forward to my spark in the mornings:)