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Thursday, September 5, 2013

on your marks...

Alright challengers...FOUR days til start time!! Are you ready? Here is a couple tips to help you get started well in just a few days...

1.) Do your grocery shopping BEFORE Monday! What to buy? Think fresh! If it is packaged, it is probably not a very challenge friendly food. Stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, spinach, kale, eggs, chicken, beef, almonds, avocados, oatmeal (not packets, the real stuff), fish, brown rice, black beans, olive oil,  to name some powerful resources for you to have on hand! (remember fresh is best, no canned fruits/veggies) Being prepared to start on Monday is important to finishing well and having the good stuff around at your finger tips is gonna come in handy! 

2.) Get your products! Have your challenge Advocare products in your house by Sunday. You'll be able to set out what you need Sunday night for first thing Monday morning and away we go...

3.) Weigh and Measure yourself. Everyone is doing this challenge for different reasons, but I can almost promise that we will be seeing results across the team as we learn what to eat and what not to eat, so reward yourself by keeping track! More tips on how to properly do this coming soon... but have a fabric tape measure on hand for most accuracy. I will be available to measure you if you would like or my fellow Advocare friend can...more details coming to you individually on this!

4.) Tell a friend. When we have someone cheering us on, checking in on us, and who knows what we are up to...we tend to stay on track. So find a friend or your spouse or a family member who will encourage you, check in on you, and help you get to day 24 without giving in. You can do this!

5.) Get a notebook, journal, pad of paper...anything you can write on and keep track of...gifts. Yes, the gifts you will be seeing for the first time as you start to see over the 24 days of challenging ourselves. We will be counting gifts, not calories!

So go on, team!! Time to get this party started!

1 comment:

  1. i am pumped!!! this is so fun!
    this is kris by the way:)