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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

it starts with us

Change has forever been my biggest struggle. I move slow. I think slow. I like things predictable. I like knowing, being prepared, and time to adjust.  Change can be hard and often times we avoid it to avoid the pain that comes with stretching ourselves. But change has also saved me. It keeps me from staying the same and becoming something better then I was before. So why would you follow a gal who drags her heels through change and closes her eyes to something new? Because I've done it over and over again. Usually the hard way. And I have learned to stare change in the face...and embrace it. Sometimes with open arms, but mostly I have learned that change is never going away and if we can just keep our eyes open during the process...that good, good things come with each new thing, new season, new view. The hardest lessons are the ones that keep me awake the most. Awake to what could be, awake to what surrounds me, and awake to see clearer then I did before. And awake and alive is how I want to live!

We are starting the 24 day challenge in FIVE days! Five days til we jump in hoping to make a change for ourselves. Change the way we eat, change the way we see ourselves, change the way we see what is all around us. Change the way our hearts know Him. I am so looking forward to this challenge and the gift I hope it is to many these next few weeks. There is still time to join! Do you need a change? It starts with ourselves...come, join us!

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