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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

how do you measure?

We have finished our first full week of our 24 day challenge. You have finished 8 full days! The results are slowly starting to take shape. And yet I can't help but feel this tug on my heart that tells me that results aren't the only thing that I need to see or hear to make me feel like I have accomplished or won this challenge or even done it well.

Most of us have our own reason for committing to this challenge. Whether it be for more energy, more weight loss, inches lost, better health, a better nutrition plan, helping our cholesterol, or whatever your reason might be...we all arrived here from different channels. Yet, we each came to the start with a similar tune. That some where in all our wanting better, we feel like we haven't measured up. We don't have the energy we need or we don't have the pant size we think we need or we don't have the tools to know how to eat well or we don't exercise enough or we don't...and we don't... and so we don't. We think we don't measure up. And most days it is just easier to stay in that place. Because once we think we don't measure up, that doubting place loves to keep us down there. Doubting ourselves paralyzes us, when really...He wants you to be energized by the way you measure yourself.

Nobody else is made the way you are. Fearfully. Wonderfully. In all your shapes and styles and dancing. It's true. You can't look like or run like or be like anybody else. You can only be you. And being you means measuring yourself the way He does. Let grace lay on you today. And love from that place. Be from that place.

What if when you measured yourself today, after a full week of challenging yourself you saw this...

 ...instead of the numbers? 

Would you believe it? Would you let yourself be you today? Would you keep choosing the best for your body if you knew how very much He meant for you to live in that skin and do it well for Him? 

I know some of you are stepping on that scale every day. Plus working so hard to see it change. And if seeing it change brings you joy to be a better you, then keep that joy wrapped around you... but know that weighing yourself with Him will always look more like this...

Our bodies are the tools we've been blessed with to use. Use for Him. Use for our families. Use for our friends. Use for ourselves. We need to take care of our tools and this challenge is a change most of us have needed to help us do that in a better way then we have been. But this challenge isn't meant to tell you where you don't measure up...where you don't weigh in. Because no matter what, you are loved. You are you, there is no one who could be you better then you. Measure yourself, weight yourself...but know nobody but you and He are looking. And nobody else is standing on your scale. And what you see through His eyes is what matters. See today, really see. Count your gifts of grace, starting with you. And continue to challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself. Always. Because when you get out of that doubting place and that tired place and that can't keep up place and the I don't measure place...you just might see how very much you do measure up. And perhaps you will now have the measuring strip you need to see just where your numbers are. 

Embrace the changes coming with this challenge, but mostly embrace the change in your heart that is telling you that you are wonderful just being you today. Use that truth to keep being a better you tomorrow... and while you let yourself be measured and weighed in through His eyes, pay it forward to the next person who is also trying to figure out how to stretch that tape measure around all the way. 

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