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Monday, September 16, 2013

Do you know Kale?

Day 8 Challengers and no doubt you are starting to feel the challenge set in. After our first weekend, I think it is safe to say...weekends are hard. We knew it would be, as routines are different and staying within our habit of healthy eating choices would be pushed to the side some as we gathered with friends, family, and enjoyed nights out! But no reason to throw the towel in even if you indulged on that cupcake or had that beer during the football game. We are here to make it to 24 days of making new habits and one moment can't define all of your 24! So jump back on the horse today, friends...and gallop through your second week having learned a thing or two to make this week even better then the first! Habits take time. Habits take discipline. Habits take practice. Habits are worth you feeling better at the end of this. So stay with us! We got this!

I know some of you are getting braver in trying new things. So here is one of my favorite super-foods for you to explore with if you haven't yet!! Get some in your kitchen and try these ideas soon!!

Meet Kale...your new friend with benefits! This leafy green vegetable is known as "Queen of the Greens". And it has some serious health benefits! It is seriously one of the healthiest vegetable on the planet. And so easy to consume in different ways. My favorite is in smoothies, my kids love kale "chips".

I use it in a variety of ways though... 
 Kale is usually a green leafy, curly end type vegetable by the lettuces,, herbs, root vegetable, and other fresh items at your grocery store. Also a favorite down at the farmers market. I am spoiled and get it from my mother-in-law's organic garden. 

 You can easily chop kale up by cutting the middle stem out if you'd like...

Then simply add your chopped kale to any meat or veggies you are roasting or sauteing. It will cook down and you'll hardly even notice it. 

Other ways I use Kale:
1.) smoothies: blend it up well for extra nutrients in any smoothie

2.) Make chips! lay kale out on baking stone, lightly drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt. Bake at 350 for 5-10 minutes

3.) Use kale in soups!

4.) chopped salads: blend with your other greens

5.) finely chop and use in any sauces (pizza, pasta, meatloaf)

6.) use it in your wraps or on a sandwich

7.) pasta's (when you cook your meat, add kale to it and it will cook right in)

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